Although the work on this website is produced on my own, I find collaboration in creating and/or teaching as the most fulfilling of artistic endeavors. The Master's in Art Education I received in 2010 has been a valuable tool in my understanding of how the artistic mind can serve as a holistic device in self-empowerment, creating meaning and problem-solving. From projecting visuals at events to working with children, these projects are examples of how engaging with others in acts of purposeful creativity can form influential experiences.


Figment NYC on Governer's Island  link

As stated on their website: "Figment’s goal is to advance social and personal transformation through creativity, in the form of free participatory arts events and exhibitions." The art workshop I created at Figment involved participants deconstructing comic books to developed collages of their own themes and stories. They rifled through the hundreds of comics I supplied, selecting the images and words that had an effect on them. Using non-toxic wheatpaste glue they adhered them to paper boards and either took them home or gifted them to others. The driving idea behind this art project was for children to use their abilities to select images in a predetermined narrative and then deconstruct these symbol systems into their own storytelling devices. 


Selebrasyon! Lakou NOU + Mizik Ayiti  link

This show at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, was one of several collaborations with the Haiti Cultural Exchange where I developed video art in realtime that is projected to create an immersive experience reflecting the music. This particular event showcased the works by artists of Haitian descent who connect their talents to under-served Brooklyn neighborhoods populated by generations of Haitians and Haitian-Americans: Crown HeightsCanarsieEast Flatbush, and Flatbush.


Carnegie Hall Presents, Neighborhood Concert: Brown Rice Family  link

I collaborated with the musical group Brown Rice Family by integrating my visual projections on The Somewhere Project, a citywide creative learning project that honors Carnegie Hall’s 125th anniversary. Based on West Side Story, this event explored the film's themes and music, with a strong concentration on including local youth in their modern interpretation. As stated on the site "In the weeks leading up to the production, students and community members across New York City wrote original songs inspired by West Side Story in the Hall’s songwriting projects. A group of community-based arts organizations also joined Carnegie Hall in this journey, exploring the themes of the project in their own programming. In all of these settings, young people, artists, and community members have affirmed how the themes found in this quintessential New York story written 60 years ago—love, conflict, learning to live alongside those who are different in this diverse and complex city—still resonate among us in such a contemporary way."


Lakou Nou: Ancient Future Haitianist link

I worked with Sabine Blazin, a community leader and musician, by projecting improvised animated environments at a workshop in celebration of Haitian Song, Dance, Drum, & Art. I have worked with the Haiti Cultural Exchange previously and it is always inspiring, as the the focus remains on community, creativity, respect and positive action. 


Art For Change presents: HACIA FUERA link

Held in Spanish Harlem, this 2 day art festival was a chance for local artists to display and discuss their work as well as create pieces with the individuals in the community. 

PCMS V015: Woods, Pincecone Moonshine Records link

Over several years, I worked with producer and label owner Nic TVG, on the collaborative piece of music entitled Woods. It would spur many different treatments, a remix by German musician Martsman and several visual art projects.  The final result took form in the production of a vinyl record and handmade zine - a synthesis from the efforts of all involved. This project became an entire world in and of itself, truly a forest of Woods. It is a testament of having faith in the process of exploring the unkown and producing something entirely novel and fresh. 




Paintings Donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Not exactly collaboration, but in the spirit of exchange, connection and especially gratitude - I have donated works to MSKCC as a recent cancer survivor. 

"RoboHip"  Permanent Collection of Dr. Nicola Fabbri, MSKCC Orthopaedic surgeon

Permanent Collection of Dr. Nicola Fabbri, MSKCC Orthopaedic surgeon

"Infusion Forest" Permanent Collection of MSKCC Brooklyn Infusion Center 

"Infusion Forest"
Permanent Collection of MSKCC Brooklyn Infusion Center